Sunday, November 7, 2010

DONA Doula training

I just had one of the best weekends of my life. I went to my birth doula training!  I have been looking forward to attending training for a while and finally had the chance to do it. 

I have found that even just the idea of being a doula inspires me. I  am so excited about the opportunities that are now before me. I learned so much during training , not just about being a doula, but about myself and what I am truly capable of. I can love people and I do love people. I want the chance to help people have a wonderful, life changing birth experience.  Because birth truly is life altering. A couple goes from being just the two of them to a family of 3, or the family increases in size.

I know that our bodies were made to do the work of birth. We can do it even though it seems impossible, even when society tells us we don't have to. We really need the experience to be completely fulfilled in our role as women. How wonderful it is to feel the power that we all have within us, coming to the forefront that we can then draw on in the future because we know it is there.

I can't wait to experience my first birth as a doula!