Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is in YOUR Bag?

The bag of tools and tricks. The DOULA bag. As a new doula, the idea of a bag seemed kind of intimidating. What if I needed something that I didn't have? What should I put in it? Etc...  These are the questions that began plaguing me shortly after I confirmed with my first client. I researched and found a TON of great ideas, which would probably weigh about that much if you had some of everything. I decided that I couldn't have everything and made my decisions on what felt right for me.

I am the doula, I have the training and knowledge in my head that is the real key to assisting in the birthing process, so the things in my bag needed to reflect that.  Here are the contents of my bag.

I know that it is hard to see everything so I broke it up into smaller parts.

The contents of my toiletry kit. This stuff is just for me. So that I can still feel like a human being after 12+ hours of being awake. :) 

The Essentials
<------ My essential oils, fractionated coconut oil and medicine syringe; lotion and my helper book about oils in maternity care. This is a travel case I use for all - well a lot of the oils I use myself, so I just toss it in the bag so that I have what I need.

Volleyball Knee Pads

Basic first aid- just in case

Spray bottle- for misting

Extra batteries, phone charger adapter, Ipod and travel speaker/charger, birth ball pump and massage tool
I take my bag with me to interviews so that I can answer questions. so I keep several copies of my paperwork, (for my certification) as well as a notebook for notes, and a few additional resources.
I usually have snacks, but they got eaten and haven't been replaced. I like fruit snacks, Fiber One bars, honey sticks, and those dark chocolate pomegranate aryls from Costco.  But that is totally up to you.

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